Olive Soap 100g.


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Lavender soap is a refreshing, relaxing, stimulating and fragrant soap consisting of lavender seeds, oil and drinks. It is a very beneficial soap for health that gives vitality and freshness to the skin. It has the feature of cleaning the skin by wrapping the oil particles thanks to a thin layer that can absorb soap water. Thanks to the beneficial ingredients it contains, it has numerous effects on the skin. Soaps made with lavender have the beneficial effects of lavender. Flowers of lavender ripening in July are collected, dried in a shade place. The seeds of dried lavender are removed and added to the dough of the olive oil soap being cooked. This mixture is prepared by stirring for a long time. Soaps poured into pans, cut into molds. Soaps are sealed and allowed to dry. Soaps made without adding lavender essence to the content, turn to the color of cinnamon as it dries. Naturally produced soaps contain irregular seed particles. The location of the seed particles in the soap becomes darker and more pronounced over time. Instead of a sharp lavender scent in the soap, the smell of olive oil is dominant. Because it is produced naturally, its shape is not fully geometric. Seed particles have natural peeling properties. Therefore, it is useful to use lavender soap made naturally. In order to maintain the healing properties of soaps, boiling and heat treatment should not be done during production. Soap production should be done using cold process. In order to obtain a natural lavender soap, it should not contain chemical additives, protect the released glycerin, and do not contain animal fat and dye. Lavender soap can be used by people who have all kinds of skin.

What are the benefits of lavender soap?
• Resolves problems such as acne and pimples on the skin and resolves dandruff on the hair.
• Lavender oil in soap, arouses the nerves, soothing therapy effect. Therefore, it provides users with a feeling of spaciousness.
• The refreshing effect in soap soothes nerves for long-term use and reduces insomnia and depression.
• It affects the relaxation of the body.
• Soap made from lavender has positive effects on shingles.
• Gives vitality to hair, burns, tissue deterioration and treatment of acne.
• It has anti-inflammatory properties, cell renewal and soothing nerves.
• Due to the lavender oil it contains, it shows a natural protective effect thanks to its antiseptic feature without irritating the skin.
• It gives vitality and freshness to the skin with its refreshing and relaxing feature, pleasant smell and stimulating effect. It removes odors formed in the body. Causes permanent softness of skin.
• Lavender soap cleanses skin and hair with tonic effect and provides a natural protection effect by providing oil balance in the skin.


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